How does EasyRent compare to the competition?

Property Management Software Providers



Landlord Starter: $14.95/m
Landlord Pro: $24.95/m

Core: $45/m
Pro: $150/m
On-boarding fee: $400+
Monthly minimum: $250
Per unit: 80 cents to $1.50
Features: Immediate full functionality of the suite.
$20/per Background and Credit Tenant Screening
No charge for Listing Syndication
No charge for Lease Signing
No charge for faster payment processing, this as
part of our core solution. Usually 2 to 3 business days
No charge for work-orders
No charge for expense tracking

Electronic leasing/signing is $5;
tenant screening is $15 /$18
Provides lease management
Property accounting
Financial reporting
Maintenance management
All of its plans include all of the features
it offers that include rent collection tools,
robust accounting, marketing tools and
maintenance requests 
Property types Residential Single Family and Multi Family UnitsFor property managers that
managing 50 or more units
Focused more toward community
associations and student housing

Who uses them: Your everyday home owners, and small to
mid size property investors
For property managers that
managing 50 or more units
Not right for managing one or two
properties because it has minimum
monthly requirements.

Number of unitsLandlord Starter: up to 5
Landlord Pro: Unlimited
Core: 1-20 units; price
increases above 20 units
Pro: 1-20 units; price escalates
above 20 units
80 cents per unit per month, student
housing is $1.25 per unit per month,
residential housing is $1.25 per unit
per month and commercial properties
is $1.50 per unit per month.

Tenant Screening Price Reduction Notice

Tenant Screening Price Reduction
Based on recent landlord feedback, we are reaching out to you with a pricing update.

We would like to inform you that we have reduced the Tenant Screening price from $25.00 to $20.00 per applicant screening report. This also reduces the applicant and co-applicant pricing from $50.00 to $40.00 per screening report.
As we progress into 2019 with our new subscription pricing, we’re looking into other ways to minimize the impact to landlords related to these pricing changes. We hope this pricing change helps through the transition period.

Thank you for your continued support and we wish you much success in 2019.


Important Pricing Change

Pricing Change Notification
It’s been a little over 1 year since I transitioned into the leadership role at EasyRent. During that time I’ve reached out to quite a few of you and got to know you personally. You shared your concerns about EasyRent’s past experiences and I made it my duty to restore EasyRent’s image as a disrupter in the Rental Management Marketplace.

In that time I’ve worked hard to rebuild your trust in the EasyRent.

Here are some of our accomplishments.

1) We’ve been able to stabilize the application, which is currently sitting at 100% Up-time.

2) We’ve brought back email ticketing based support with a best in class solution using

3) We’ve been able to increase the adoption rate of new landlords while also reducing operating budget.

EasyRent is now transitioning from the startup mentality where we’ve been running at a net loss since inception in 2014 to a full fledged corporate entity and you’ve been crucial in helping us get there.

Here are some much needed things in our road-map for 2019.

1) Bring Back Phone Based Support (The biggest feedback was your disappointment when EasyRent stopped providing phone support.)

2) Switch our payments model to become a Payment Facilitator (Gives us flexibility to provide split-pay and the ability for you to pay vendors directly from EasyRent.)

3) Launch our Property Manager Edition (Which will allow property managers manage multiple landlords with multiple properties.)

In order to do these things, we will be transitioning from a free service to a paid subscription based solution.

Our Monthly Subscription Plans for new landlords will be live around November 16th 2018.

Landlord Starter:
$14.95/month up to 5 properties.

Landlord Pro:
$24.95/month Unlimited properties.

What does this change mean for you early adopters? Your services will continue to be free until January 1st 2019. The team has discussed this and we’d like to offer you a grandfather subscription plan where you continue to have the full functionality of EasyRent Landlord Pro for a reduced price of $9.95 a month, this plan billing will start on January 1st 2019.

If you wish to continue to use EasyRent in 2019 without interruption, you’ll need to login and add a Credit Card on file.

Click Here to add a credit card

If you already have a credit card on file and you do not wish to continue services you will need to notify us to cancel your account by December 31, 2018. Please also be sure to backup anything you need because you will not be able to access the application after December 31, 2018 without an active subscription.

Click here to submit ticket to Cancel

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns.

Thank you,

Jeremiah Selander
CEO @ Inc.

New Partnership Announcement – Powered By SURE

New Partnership Announcement
We’ve been working hard to bring new and exciting things to EasyRent and I’m happy to announce that we’ve partnered with Sure to bring you easy access to Renters Insurance.

“Renters insurance covers unexpected loss or damages to your personal property, and legal liability protection up to $100,000”   
Click Here to learn more and get your free quote 

The last few months have been exciting times for us at EasyRent. Under new management, we’ve been able to allocate more time and energy to support, and have been working on a much needed redesign of our website.

We are anxious to share these improvements and partnerships with you as they develop.

Thank you for your continued support and we welcome your feedback.