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New Partnership Announcement
We’ve been working hard to bring new and exciting things to EasyRent and I’m happy to announce that we’ve partnered with Sure to bring you easy access to Renters Insurance.

“Renters insurance covers unexpected loss or damages to your personal property, and legal liability protection up to $100,000”   
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The last few months have been exciting times for us at EasyRent. Under new management, we’ve been able to allocate more time and energy to support, and have been working on a much needed redesign of our website.

We are anxious to share these improvements and partnerships with you as they develop.

Thank you for your continued support and we welcome your feedback.


Under New Management

We’re here to stay!
We’re excited to inform you of some amazing news at EasyRent. That news is that we will no longer be discontinuing service. There is no need to change the way you pay rent, or make other accommodations to accept rent as we will remain open and continue to offer our services to you, now and into the future.

We are also announcing that EasyRent will transition to new Management over the next few weeks. We’d like to take this opportunity to announce to you the new CEO of EasyRent, Jeremiah Selander. Jeremiah has been a Landlord on the EasyRent platform since 2015, is a proven leader in his industries, he’s been a successful entrepreneur, and comes with vast knowledge in the Global Enterprise environments and 15+ years of Information Technology experience.

So what does this mean for you? The first immediate change is that we are investing more resources to update the product. We know that EasyRent has been lacking investment over the past 12 months and one immediate change we are making will be to bring back Live Chat functionality by fulling integrating our support structure into’s customer service experience.

We’re also looking at the existing road-map for EasyRent and will be reaching out to you, our best resource to help drive our enhancement list, so you have a more active role in getting the things you need built into the application in a more Continuous Integration / Continuous Development practice.

We are looking forward to making lots of positive changes within the next several months and over the long run to improve the level of customer service, support, and continued enhancement of the EasyRent platform. These are exciting times for us and we are anxious to share these improvements with you as they develop.

We thank you for your continued support and welcome your feedback.


Jeremiah Selander
CEO @ Inc.