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EasyRent solves rental problems and improves the landlord-tenant relationship. We believe the technology at our fingertips is best serving its purpose when we are conceiving of new ways to simplify daily tasks and enhance quality of life. That core philosophy drives our customer-centric approach. Our ultimate concern for our customers makes all the difference.

Ben Gabler - Founder of EasyRent

The Founding Story

EasyRent arose organically in a classic tale of an entrepreneur realizing that there is nothing on the market that quite resolves their own issue as a customer. It was 2013, and founder Ben Gabler was trying to efficiently manage his Florida rental properties from his new location in Arizona. He ran into a slew of typical landlord issues, such as managing leases and collecting rent. He reviewed the available software and realized there wasn’t a full-featured option for an independent property manager.

Gabler and his team proceeded to build the first-ever all-in-one property management platform for both landlords and renters. The value of the system is proven by its fast growth, attracting more than 12,000 users in its first five months online.

The Team

Ben Gabler

Founder of EasyRent

Ben Gabler is evidence that when you couple a passion for team-building with an entrepreneurial spirit, you can build technologies that simplify daily tasks, improving quality of life. With a proven record growing technology businesses, Gabler has expanded market share for major global Web hosting brands and brought technology startups from initial idea to success. Ben stepped back from daily operations in late 2017

Jeremiah Selander

CEO of EasyRent

Jeremiah Selander's successes as an entrepreneur and information technology are evidence of his career mission. Selander joined EasyRent in 2017 because he saw the need to continue to disrupt the real estate market with EasyRent.com. As the Chief Executive Officer at EasyRent, Jeremiah's immediate goals are to grow EasyRent's client base through first-in-class customer service, improved environment stability, new features and functionality.

Michael Stack

Director of Development

Michael Stack is a technology enthusiast with software lead experience including full stack, embedded systems, and cryptocurrency. As the Director of Development at EasyRent, Michael is responsible for overseeing all technical aspects of the platform. With the unique perspective acquired through his diverse background, his goal is to to ensure our users receive the highest quality service and experience possible.

Austin Seeberger

Director of Client Success

Austin Seeberger brings to the team a full circle outlook on how customer experience and service impact a business. Coming from a line of entrepreneurs, Austin has been a key part in starting, maintaining, and growing his family restaurant in 2012 which is thriving to this day. Austin is focused on leveraging his experience and lessons learned, enabling EasyRent to provide true consummate professional customer experience.

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Working at EasyRent

Working at EasyRent.com offers the benefits of a well-funded company with the growth, constant change, and learning of an early stage startup. Our employees come from many different backgrounds and varie experiences, but all share a deep desire to build and spread the word about great products, see EasyRent.com grow into an industry leader, and build a culture that delights both customers and employees.

  • Amazing Coworkers

    Our team defines what it's like to work at EasyRent.com. We prioritize getting things done and focus on what's relevant to achieve that.

  • Great Work Environment

    We want our team to feel at home in our office in Deerfield Beach and view our office as an extension of our company and brand.

  • Stay Healthy With Us

    Fully paid health, dental, and vision insurance plans are standard. Plentiful healthy snacks and an onsite gym are part of the package.

  • The Best Equipment

    Mac, PC, laptop, desktop, external monitor - whatever you need, we'll make it happen. No problem.

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